Sewaddle: Waddle Sew!

Swadloon: muhaha i am swadloon and i will destroy you

Sewaddle: Noooooo

Leavanny: Not today

Swadloon: you are just a little child levany u even mad a random cave

Leavanny: It's not a random cave

Swadloon: then what it is

Leavanny: Secret.

Swadloon: rah i am so mad i will destroy the world

Leavanny: Okay. Do it if you want.

Swadloon: RAHHHHHH1

Leavanny: By the way,*uses Toxic Petal Blizzard*

Swadloon: iiii poison my worst fear*runs away*

Leavanny: You know. You shouldn't attack Sewaddle.

Sewaddle: Dle wad!

Leavanny: Yeah I know, he's such a noob.

Magikarp: karp karp i am magikarp

Leavanny: Leave.

Magikarp: i am magik

Leavanny: kk*uses Mantis Guillotine*

Magikarp: KARP!

Leavanny: Now time to find the rumored Leavannyite

Sewaddle: Sewad?

Leavanny: Oh, nothing.

Leavanny goes in his cave.

Sewaddle: Seddle...