Swadloon: abra use teleport on me and leavanny

Leavanny: Huh?

Both get teleported to a volcano.

Leavanny: Woah. I can now throw you in lava, thanks.

Swadloon: i can do it too

Leavanny: But I won't kill you. Instead...

Swadloon: what

Leavanny: Nice roll!*pushes Swadloon*

Swadloon: noooooooooooooooo

Leavanny: Everyone should know that you can't beat me.

Swadloon: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH now i am forced to take a shower

Leavanny: Okay, do it.*goes home*

Swadloon: whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

At Swadloon's HQ...

Ralts: Why are you wet Swadloon?

Swadloon: i was forced to take a shower because Leavanny pushed me in mud!

Ralts: huh, sorry...HAHAHAHAHAHH! by..btw, Really Buffed Combusken evolved!

Hyper Buffed Blaziken: KEN!

Swadloon: Great, now time to find a Blazikenite!

Blaziken: Why? Am I not great?

Swadloon: You're great, but you will be stronger than Arceus and Blazeburn type!

Blaziken: AW YEAH!!!

A Chingling comes inside.

Chingling: Master Swadloon, according to my researches...

Swadloon: What?

Chingling: Leavanny is weak to the Blazeburn type.