Buffed Torchic: Huh? What's happening...?

Buffed Torchic evolves into Really Buffed Combusken

Swadloon: Aw yeah

Ralts: Great.


Leavanny:  Let's hope there's something to rampage-

Surskit: Hi!/\_/\

Leavanny: Aw you're so cute

Surskit: ikr!

Swadloon: Time to attack hi-

Surskit: Hey! Why do you want to attack him?

Swadloon: he's mean he does ge-

Surskit: I don't believe you!

Swadloon: uhoh*runs away*

Surskit: Good job.

Really Buffed Combusken: Hiyah-

Surskit:*uses bubble*

Really Buffed Combusken: Owowowowowowowwwww

Surskit: These mean guys are now deafeted!

Leavanny: Yeah! Sorry..

Surskit: What?

Leavanny: I must leave. However...

Surskit: What?

Leavanny:I'll meet you again one day.

Surskit: Okay.