Leavanny is a Pokemon. He's an awesome bug who totally beats Pikachu and Clefairy in every way in the entire universe. It can also wreck Dewott and can even beat ghosts. Snivy is also pwned by him. Gud turn into powder when it sees Leavanny. He is Arceus's biggest fear and is banned in uber battles. Ralts is in a hospital because of him.
Leavanny the Epic Bug

He's about to pwn you btw.


  • Frenzy Plant(Frenzyplant Type)
  • Toxic Petal Blizzard(Apocalypsepoison Type)
  • Mantis Guillotine(Omegabug Type)
  • Pwnage(Pwned Type)


  • Leavanny's only weakness is the Blastburn Type.
  • Poisonshot will soon make a series related to Leavanny.