Leavanny the Epic Mantis is PS's series. It is based on some of the case someone actually tryed to beat him.


  • Leavanny: The main Character. Is epic and powerful. He's banned from uber... at least in season 1.
  • Swadloon: Swadloon is a weak and puny bug. He speak in noob language to mock Leavanny. He's actually Leavanny's feather.
  • Sewaddle: Don't disturb it or you will be destroyed by Leavanny. She's very young.
  • Buffed Torchic: Always got pwned by Leavanny until a certain moment.
  • Chingling: A very smart genius. He might be young, but he's very strategic.
  • Surskit: One of Leavanny's friends. She's adorable.


Season 1Edit

In this season, Leavanny is evil. He ravaged entire cities until Mega-Buffed Blaziken put an end to it.

Season 2Edit

In this season, Arceus becomes evil and decides to destroy the world, but Leavanny becomes good and stop him.

  • Arceus becomes Evil
  • Leavanny's Redemption