Swadloon: yeah yeah aw yeah we found the mega grotto ofter 100 days

Roggenrola: Roggeeen!!!

Swadloon: what are those rogenrola loking for-oh no

Leavanny: You missed me?

Swadloon: how did you even discover thi cav levany

Leavanny: Secret.*leaves*

Swadloon: rar

Hyper Buffed Blaziken: I FOUND A RED STONE!

Chingling: That's a Scizorite.

Hyper Buffed Blaziken: I FOUND ANOTHER!

Chingling: It's orange, not red...

After 1 hour...

Hyper Buffed this the Blazikenite?

Chingling: Yeah. Wait, what's that Green and Yellow stone-

Leavanny: It's a Leavannyite!

Swadloon: noooooo i wis i culd evolv

Leavanny: Well you can't!*picks the Leavannyite and leaves*

Chingling: Great... now we'll have a Mega-Leavanny attacking us.

Hyper Buffed Blaziken: I'm gonna beat him!

Chingling: I hope so.

Magikarp: KARP!

Ralts: Magikarp I never knew you learned Tele-

Magikarp:*teleports away*

Ralts: Oh well.

Swadloon:Anyways let go back home.

Arceus: Yeah.

Xatu: Xatu!

Swadloon: Huh?