Leavanny: I like this forest actually!

Swadloon: hehehe time to shake the pineco tree

Leavanny: Whoa, there's a lot of Pineco ins-

Pinecos: Pi neco Pi neco!

Leavanny: *use Mantis Guillotine*

Pinecos: pineco pineco...

Swadloon: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my plan failed again

Forretress: FORRE!

Swadloon: yeah yeah

Leavanny: Uh oh... What what I am saying*uses pwnage*

Forretress: TRESSRE!

Leavanny: Swadloon, I know you are behind this.

Swadloon: how did u guess

Leavanny: Stop harrassing me father.

Swadloon: stop rampaging son

Leavanny: Beware...

Swadloon: uhoh i think i should run*runs away*

Leavanny: Okay he's out.

Really Buffed Combusken: I AM NOW BACK! THIS TIME I WILL KILL YOU!

Leavanny: Not even close.*uses Mantis Guillotine*

Really Buffed Combusken: COME ON! WHY DO I LOSE!!!

Leavanny: You're FAT!

Reallt Buffed Combusked: THAT WAS AN INSULT! RAAARGH!*faints in rage*

Leavanny: Time to get back home.

Leavanny comes back to his home.

Leavanny: Time to go mining again...