Team Flare Grunt: Time to reactive the mass destruction machine.

Lysandre: Yeah! Mega Gyrados, use-Wait, what happened to my Mega Ring?

Leavanny: You really think you're smart? Not even close!

Lysandre: Pyroar, roar!

Pyroar: ROAR!*gets pwned by leavanny*

Lysandre: uh.. honchkrow!

Honchkrow: CONCH CONCH*gets Guillotined*

Lysandre: uh...

Leavanny: Bye.

Lysandre: noooooooooooooo*gets thrown out of the HQ.

Team Flare: HELP!!!

Leavanny: Bye too.*knocks everyone out of the base*

Leavanny: Got the 3rd step of my secret plot done!

Leavanny leaves the base. The base then suddenly explode.

Leavanny: Too bad lil base.

Lumiose People: Help!

Leavanny proceeds to destroy the entire city until there wasn't a building left.

Leavanny: Great.*goes home*

Swadloon: levany...

Leavanny: Yeah puny bug?

Swadloon: I heard you completly destroyed Lumiose.

Leavanny: It's true.

Swadloon: u gone too far over the limit. srsly

Leavanny: Not true. I didn't destroy all life.


Leavanny: Time to start the 4th step!